Ep. 08: Socialization with Bryony Aviles

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For episode eight, Kayla speaks to Bryony Aviles of Sandy Paws Dog Training about socializing your puppy during a pandemic.

We Cover Questions Including:

  • What is socialization? 
  • Why does it matter?
  • What’s the socialization period? What if you miss it?
  • What sort of things should you expose your puppy to?
  • Are all puppies the same? Can you use a one-size-fits-all approach?
  • Behaviorally, what should you keep an eye on?
  • What do you do if your puppy is nervous or overly excited about something?
  • What checklists/resources do you like?
  • What if you can’t hit everything on the checklist?
  • How to do safely with pandemic AND unvaccinated puppies?

We also cover the Patreon question, “My new rescue amstaff mix puppy (40 lbs) is generally so rough & mouthy that he often hurts my little 9yr old morky (12lbs).  He bites at his legs and sometimes stands over/on top of my morkie when trying to play. It doesn’t seem to be intentionally aggressive.”

This podcast is supported by Journey Dog Training and our Puppy Raising Blueprint course. The full course covers topics ranging from common problem behaviors and socialization to the humane hierarchy of dog training. It’s all taught by yours truly, Kayla Fratt. If you need more personalized training support, check out journeydogtraining.com – we have a variety of courses, e-books, and remote training services available. Just check out your options in the menu above.

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Over the next few episodes, we’ll cover how to pick a puppy from a breeder, selecting a shelter and shelter puppy, and how to prepare for your new puppy!

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