Ep. 12: Balancing Puppy Vaccine Schedules and Socialization with Dr. Jen

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Today we’re talking to Dr. Jennifer Summerfield of Brown Veterinary Services in Wayne, West Virginia. Dr. Jen is a veterinarian and certified professional dog trainer – knowledge assessed and is a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). 

Dr. Jen is here today to help guide us through the tangle of information out there surrounding vaccinations and socialization, as well as some other common puppy problems that are best directed towards a veterinarian!

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Show Notes

How do you guide your clients through socialization when the puppies aren’t done with vaccinations?

Are there some places you suggest people take their puppies at different stages of vaccination?

  • It is very rare that that your puppy will catch parvo if they been started on vaccinations
  • That being said, don’t take your unvaccinated puppies places where there are strange dogs (ie. dog parks, pet friendly stores, common dog walking trails)
  • A walk around the neighbourhood 
  • Visit a friend (without dogs or with a healthy vaccinated adult dog)
  • Puppy kindergarten 

What options do people have if they’re in a high-risk area? Are there modifications you’ve made to your suggestions due to COVID?

  • Try to change it up a little every day, even if it’s just walking in a different direction

Can you talk us through the risks of taking unvaccinated puppies out? Or soothe our fears?

What sorts of behavior patterns set off your veterinary sensor for more investigation? 

  • Chronic house training issues could mean urinary problems
    • Urinating in their sleep or dribbling
    • Urinating after coming in from outside
    • Urinating multiple times in different places while being pottied
  • Compulsively eating non-food items/showing signs of pica, might mean there is a GI issue

Are there common behavioral changes as puppies develop that may or may not warrant veterinary help? 

  • Short fear periods are normal

Patron Questions Answered:

I recently heard that teenage puppies often regress in potty training because growing so much makes them thirsty. Is that true?

Where to find Dr. Jen:
Dr Jen’s Dog Blog

Dog Talk with Dr. Jen

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