Lessons from Raising Service Dog Puppies with Matthias Lenz

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In this episode of Pandemic Puppy, Kayla and Matthias Lenz discuss raising Service Dog puppies. They cover the lessons you can learn from how service dog puppy raisers work with their puppies. 

What is helpful when raising and training guide dog puppies that other puppies may be missing?

  • The typical service dog makes an ideal pet
  • Breed is often important; labrador retrievers are used for a reason
  • Start early on with impulse control exercises

Turning Distractions into Reward

Settling tips and tricks: 

  • Settling is an important skill for a service dog, or a pet dog
  • It is important not to be too enthusiastic with your rewards
    • Give a treat slowly, don’t make eye direct contact, be calm
  • Reward baby steps to slowly shape it into a full settle
  • Sit on the Dog Exercise
  • Using a lower value reinforcer is helpful 
  • Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol 

How much sleep do puppies need? What happens if they don’t get enough?:

  • If they are biting a lot more than considered normal, it might mean they need more sleep

Leash Frustration:

  • Be empathetic to the dog; leashing is so unnatural for them and it’s understandable that they will get frustrated
  • Teach your dog about leash pressure and what it means along with rewarding loose leash walking
  • Silky Leash 
  • Dr. Sophia Lin – Leave it

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Where you can find Matthias Lenz:
BC & Alberta Guide Dogs 

Lenz Dog Training

IAABC Working Animals Division

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