Pawstruck Dog Treats

Pawstruck reached out to us a few months ago, asking if we’d like to test out and review some of their products. Always excited to experiment with new chews for my dogs, I agreed. A few weeks later, we received a HUGE box of bully sticks, bully rings, and dental chews.

The dogs were really excited – things smelled great! Over the past few weeks, they’ve gotten a Pawstruck chew almost every day. I love being able to give my dogs a tasty chew whenever I leave them alone!

One thing I noticed right away is that the bags seem really brittle; several of the bags of chews split open as I removed them from the box. Disappointing, but no big deal.

The bully sticks are far less stinky than I’ve noticed with other sticks. This is great for us: we live in a van and really prefer not to smell like bully sticks 24/7! So the low odor is really nice.

Both dogs seem to really enjoy these single-ingredient bully sticks. I have noticed that they crumble some, leaving tiny shards of bully stick around the van after a good chew session. I’m not sure if all bully sticks do this and I just didn’t notice in my apartment, or if this is unique to Pawstruck. It’s a bit annoying for vanlife, but not a huge deal.

I absolutely love that Pawstruck provides reasonably-priced single-ingredient dog chews. They have no artificial flavors or preservatives, which is also great! I love knowing that my dogs’ daily chews are free of nasty preservatives.

I’m excited to try some of their other single-ingredient chews like cow’s ears and pig snouts. I love that dog treats can come from products that humans wouldn’t want to eat; we can fuel our dogs without needing to farm more animals.

My dogs love having tasty treats to chew on, especially when they’re home alone. My 8-month-old puppy in particular LOVES having something to occupy his mind when he can’t be running around like a madman.

Finally, I love that Pawstruck tries to make its offerings affordable for pet lovers. They’re cheaper than bully sticks you can find elsewhere. Even better, they offer a bizarre bully stick bag of unusual bully sticks. I love that idea! It’s not like my dog cares about the shape of his bully sticks, so why not offer a big bag of them for a discount?

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