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for new puppy owners

Pandemic Puppy Podcast

The Pandemic Puppy podcast is joint project brought to you by Journey Dog Training and the Pandemic Puppy Raising Facebook Group

While this podcast was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic and finished recording towards the end of 2021, the lessons and takeaways covered all still apply today, no matter when you’re bringing home your puppy!

This 40-episode podcast covers puppy raising right from the start. Although Kayla is a professional dog trainer, this podcast covers her own first-time experience raising a puppy — which means she’ll be right in the trenches with you on the good, the bad, the cute, and the stinky.

You’ll find episode links, show notes, and the latest episode in a web player below.

choosing a puppy

Puppy-raising myths

Puppy leash skills

chewing prevention

Potty training

puppy blues

conservation & behavior

K9 Conservationists

This podcast features over 170 episodes of expert insight on detection dogs, ecology, conservation, dog behavior, training, and more!

Originally titled the “Canine Conversations” podcast, this series has since expanded as Journey Dog Training’s founder Kayla Fratt has grown to narrow her focus more specifically on canine conservation work.

This podcast covers fascinating stories about how conservation dogs are being trained to help protect ecology, along with plenty of practical dog training advice for the layman.

You’ll even learn how to work with your dog better thanks to interviews with expert dog trainers!

Nosework & detection

Canine Sports

Conservation & Ecology

Dog Behavior Issues

Pro Trainer Interviews

Dog Training Industry

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