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Get ongoing answers and advice from a dog and cat behavior expert. You will be able to email or text your dog and cat behavior questions to an expert, collaborate on training plans, and share video for feedback. Most clients work using a training log in Google Sheeets where we can go back and forth on notes, next steps, and share video. Whatsapp is available for international clients. You’ll get answers within 48 hours on weekdays.

This service is best suited for self-motivated people whose pets have ongoing behavior issues. Successful clients either have a baseline understanding of dog training and behavior and just need help putting the pieces together, or are totally novice. You’ll be matched with a trainer or behavior specialist that suits your needs. Get to know our team here.

This service is not necessarily well-suited for dogs or cats with multiple compounding issues (ie,  a dog that barks at strangers, other dogs, and the cat; suffers from separation anxiety; AND bites kids near the food bowl).

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All Journey Dog Training Online Dog Behavior Courses are based on years of experience working with over 30 species in zoos, shelters, and private homes using science-based, effective, and force-free training methods.

All Journey Dog Training clients are welcome to join a private Facebook group for further support.


5 reviews for Unlimited Email and Text Support – Monthly Subscription

  1. Bobbi (verified owner)

    Kayla’s involvement in my dog’s training has made all the difference to both me and my dog. In fact, I was on the bubble about whether to even keep my new pup but, with Kayla’s precise and timely interventions, coaching, and spot-on suggestions, my dog, Millie, and I are bonding and feeling mutual affection for one another. This definitely helps with training! Journey Dog Training is incomparable. It’s a perfect set-up and very affordable. We couldn’t have done it without Kayla and Barley’s full service. Thanks to you both!

  2. Katherine Vande Velde

    I have been working with Kayla, through email and text support, for a few weeks now. I am struggeling with creating a friendly and positive relationship between my new puppy and my two adult cats. This is a complicated challenge that can not be solved quickly in certain situations. This is why email and text support is ideal, since she can guide you through every phase and over a long time period. I would actually recommend getting the subscription from the start, during the first days of your puppy in your home, so you can prep your house and learn more from her to create ideal circumstances for their first introduction. I regret not having done this. Kayla is very resourceful and motivating, which helps as sometimes slow progress can kind of demotivate you. She gets you back on track and can propose alternative work methods catered especially to your situation – no two cats/dogs are the same.

  3. Andrea M. (verified owner)

    I found this service to be perfect for me and my dog. Not only was it inexpensive, but the quality of help and care that I got for my money was extraordinarily high.
    My dog only has minor behavior problems, but Kayla still showed a great amount of care and concern. Her candor is refreshing, and her advice is top notch. She was so patient and kind, she helped put me on the right track and interpret some body language cues from my dog. With Kayla’s tips, we will be continuing to build attention, focus and confidence in our pup.
    I have already recommend this service to several friends, and will likely be purchasing it again for myself in the future. Whatever your concerns are, big or small, Kayla is up for the task!

  4. Mary Davenport

    Kayla is very responsive and gives realistic and specific advice. I would recommend her online training to anyone that has a dog, and I think it may be better than in-person training for many issues, as she can help you over a longer period of time. Definitely worth what I paid and then some!

  5. Beth L. (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend Kayla & Journey Dog Training highly enough! At the beginning of the month when I first signed up for email/text support, I was feeling frustrated, exasperated, and even guilty at my pup’s issues. I knew that what we were struggling was pretty common “puppy stuff,” but just couldn’t seem to get un-stuck, so decided to contact JDT sooner rather than later. This is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made for my pup; so glad I didn’t put it off. Kayla was able to tease out the likely contributing factors and worked with me on realistic, practical steps to address them. Now at the end of the month, the problems I came with are almost completely resolved, my puppy is happier and more relaxed, and I feel confident moving forward…what a difference a month can make! Kayla is professional, responsive, focused and positive. I’ll definitely be recommending her services to friends and family, and won’t hesitate to contact her again in future, should the need arise.

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