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If there is one topic in dog hygiene that dog owner’s always want to know more about it is dog breath.

If you have ever come within a few inches of any dog’s face you likely know what I am talking about. That unique odor, to put it nicely, is something that can really put you off your appetite and keep you from enjoying cuddles with your pup.

This Dog’s Life did NOT ask us for this review and we received nothing in exchange for this post.

While we all wish we were champions in the teeth brushing arena, I think it is safe to admit that very few people have the patience to brush their dog’s teeth every day.

If you are reading this right now and do brush your dog’s teeth every day, I must congratulate you.

But if you are a mere mortal like me and tend to spend more time watching Netflix with your dog than brushing his teeth, then I have a review of a treat that could solve some of your problems!

This Dog’s Life has a treat called the ‘Bye Bye, Dog Breath Dental Stick.” While most people tend to think of the Greenie when they think of breath busting treats, This Dog’s Life has actually been even more successful in our house.

Peanut is a picky dog and lots of times when we give him a treat, he either is uninterested or goes and buries it for later…as in never, later. But he loves this dental stick.

In fact, the first time we gave it to him I thought he had buried it because I didn’t think it was possible that he could eat it so quickly! I had to give him another just to be sure he really did eat it, and he definitely did.

Good flavor is very important because Peanut won’t eat just anything, but he really loved this!

The next, and even more important thing, in my opinion, is the ingredient list. Sometimes reading a dog treat ingredient list gives me a real headache.

This treat is all-natural and packed full of things that are actually good for your dog, like probiotics and CoQ10, which helps with plaque buildup. I love knowing that Peanut is getting quality in his treats.

This treat also packs really well, which is great for us since we are so frequently on the road. The outside is hard, which means it doesn’t crumble and become a powder, and it breaks in half quite nicely, which means Peanut gets more treats throughout the day!

They also have a dental powder, which is so convenient and you can just sprinkle over your dog’s food! 

And let’s not forget about the whole point of these treats…better breath! While it is hard to measure better breath, there is a noticeable difference between how Peanut’s breath is before and after eating this treat.

I find that this dental stick does a great job of neutralizing those bad odors, but doesn’t leave some artificial smell.

Overall, this treat gets two thumbs up in our house. It is affordable, natural, and effective!

I would definitely recommend the Bye Bye, Dog Breath Dental stick to anyone looking for a healthy and easy way to help improve their dog’s breath. You can buy their dental kit here.

Slinking off the enjoy his dental stick in peace!

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