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Looking for something to help protect your car seats or dry your soaking wet dog after a bath or trip to the beach? Ever Plush has created a line of pet focused towels, mitts, and other grooming tools to make quick work of messes and keep your dog feeling cozy.

About Ever Plush:

Ever Plush is a company that wants to change your towel experience. Their unique Ever Plush technology has combined the best elements of soft to the touch cotton with the quick drying benefits of microfiber.

Ever Plush Material is:

  • Super soft
  • Absorbs 3x more water than cotton
  • Dries quickly

While Ever Plush has everything for your kitchen and bathroom needs, they now have a line of cute, dog specific towels that you can dedicate specifically to your furry friend.

First Thoughts on Ever Plush Dog Towels:

At first, I wasn’t sure how much these towels would benefit me. I normally use a regular towel to dry my dog after a bath or day at the park. But after testing these Ever Plush towels out I am so happy to have them.

It is actually SO nice to have towels specifically for your dog. No longer do I have to use the last clean bath towels for Peanut’s wash, or risk getting mucky stains on them that won’t come out. These towels are just for my dog and are in his cubby until I need them. 

Since they fold up so small, it also takes up way less space than my conventional cotton towels. Yet for how small they are, they are still incredibly effective.

I gave Peanut a bath and set out two Ever Plush towels, size large, and two of their Grooming Mitts. Peanut isn’t big, only about 15 lbs, but it usually takes me two regular cotton towels to get him dried off. 

After I pulled his sopping wet little body out of the bath I used the mitts for an initial dry. These things soak up a LOT of water. I could wring them out afterwards! After that, I toweled him off the rest of the way and only needed one of the towels to do the job. 

My regular towels are nowhere near as absorbent and take forever to dry! I hung these up outside and within an hour in the Colorado sun they were dry to the touch. These Ever Plush dog towels have proven themselves to be quite useful in my house and for my dog.

They are also great in the car. As a bonafide adventure dog, I never know where Peanut and I may end up. There have been times that I have put down blankets or my car’s sunshield to protect my seats because I didn’t have a towel to lay down to prevent mud from getting everywhere. 

Now I can just keep some of these in the car and easily cover my seats when I need them. Plus, they fold up perfectly to keep under a seat or tucked in your trunk. I never have to think about bringing a towel with me again!

What I Like About Ever Plush Dog Towels:

I like to live as minimally as possible and that typically means avoiding too much excess. But having a set of towels specifically for my dog is actually really valuable. They are effective, versatile, and even have a cute little paw print design on them.

What I Don’t Like About Ever Plush Dog Towels:

These towels are perfect for my dog, but you definitely lose some of the thickness that you get with regular towels. They are quite thin, which isn’t a bad thing but definitely different. If I had a bigger dog it might be nice to have a slightly thicker towel, especially to protect car seats, but these work for me just fine.

Overall Thoughts:

I didn’t think I would be a convert but I am! These Ever Plush towels get the job done without taking up too much space, and look cute too! I like the mitts as well, but if I had to choose I think the towel is a bit more versatile and works better for my lifestyle. 

Though if you want to give your dog the royal treatment, go all out and try their grooming kit as well. I found that the towel works best for me, but the grooming kit has a scrubby pad to get dirt out of your dog’s paws, as well as a face groomer and little mittens (though I still haven’t totally figured out the purpose of these!).

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