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Take your dog treat game to the next level with Fig and Tyler’s Freeze-Dried 100% meat treats! Your dog should eat just as well as you do, and these treats are the perfect way to give them the delicious, nutrient packed treat they deserve.

About Fig and Tyler:

Founded by pet parents wanting to take the headache out of choosing a healthy treat for their dog, Fig and Tyler is a company centered around the idea that dogs and cats should live long and healthy lives supported by diets made up of real food.

About the Treats:

About their treats:

  • 100% USDA certified meats.
  • Freeze-dried to lock in nutrients by using a vacuum to remove all the water content.
  • Lack of moisture prevents the growth of bacteria. 
  • More closely resembles their ancestral diet.
  • Come in a variety of meats.

Check out the nutritional content of their treats and see for yourself how your pet can benefit! 

Peanut and I tested out these freeze-dried types:

  • Chicken Heart
  • Beef Liver
  • Turkey Gizzard
  • Sardine  

The Chicken Heart and Beef Liver treats also have the option of coming in a training morsel form, which is just a smaller version of the same treat.

Right off the bat I can tell you Peanut’s favorites were the training morsels. For Peanut, who is a small dog, it is so much easier to chew a smaller treat, otherwise it turns into a big chewing session. The larger treats, like the Turkey Gizzards, are great for bigger dogs but would be a big treat for a small dog. 

Beef Liver Training Morsels

I was afraid that they would be kind of crumbly since they are freeze-dried treats, but they maintain their shape really well! In fact, I tried ripping them in half and they clearly still had a lot of their initial texture and strength. I could easily put them in a baggy and jostle them around while hiking or running without an issue.

Plus, they are really appetizing to my picky dog. While the training morsels were easiest to use, he enjoyed trying every single type of freeze-dried meat.

What We Love:

My favorite thing about these treats is the weight to nutrient ratio. We love going on long backpacking trips so a highly nutritious treat that doesn’t take up a lot of space or weight is awesome.

I also love the training morsel option. It makes training so much easier and I can give more treats in one training period without worrying about feeding my dog too much. 

What We Would Change:

The only thing I noticed about these treats is that some of them are slightly oily. Peanut is all about that extra flavor, but it doesn linger on your fingers. Obviously not a deal breaker, but just be aware and keep them in a plastic baggy when you go out and about . 

These treats are kind of expensive, but you are getting a single ingredient treat from human grade sources, so I think it is totally worth the money. 

Overall Impressions:

I was impressed with how this treat did. I love how much weight is saved with it being freeze dried and the nutrients that are preserved using this method. Plus, Fig and Tyler is a company that supports giving back to the community, and I always love to support a company working to do good for others. 

If you want a high quality treat that offers high quality nutrition and flavor for your pet, along with lots of varieties to choose from, give Fig and Tyler a try.

Bonus: Also check out Fig and Tyler’s line of crunchy meatball treats! 

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