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What if you could give your dog a delicious treat while supporting conservation efforts? Marsh Dog has come out with a line of treats that does just that.

These Wild Nutria dog treats help preserve the eco-systems of Louisiana and provide your four legged friend with a healthy, sustainable treat you can rely on.

Marsh Dog sent us some free treats in exchange for this review.

About Marsh Dog:

On average, the Nutria, an invasive “orange-toothed swamp rabbit”, destroys about 1 football field worth of Louisiana wetland per hour and has devastated local ecosystems.

Founded by siblings who sought to curb the destruction of wetlands by the Nutria, Marsh Dog was created to help reduce environmental destruction and create a nutrient-dense, healthy treat with minimal ingredients. 

The Marsh Dog website is packed with info about the Nutria, the Louisiana wetlands, and how conservation and sustainability efforts. Check it out here for more awesome reading!

About the Treats:

Marsh Dog has three flavors of Nutria based dog treat:

  • Wild Nutria, Brown Rice, and Sweet Potato Recipe, Soft Dog Treat
  • Wild Nutria Grain Free Cranberry Recipe, Soft Dog Treat
  • Wild Nutria Blueberry Recipe, Crunchy Dog Treat

The first ingredient in all of their treats is always wild Nutria, and with a minimum crude protein of 35% you know your dog is getting a protein packed treat that is sure to keep them fueled and happy!

These treats are also all sourced with ingredients from the USA, without artificial ingredients, and gluten free! Also, they don’t use soy or corn, so you can feel secure knowing your dog isn’t eating pointless filler ingredients. They run from $10-13 per bag, which is reasonable for a minimal ingredient treat.

Testing the Treats:

I tested the crunchy Blueberry Recipe and the Brown Rice and Sweet Potato Recipe. Since my dog and I are often on the go, I took these treats on a camping trip to see how they would hold up during long hikes and getting jostled around in bags.

Both the soft and crunchy variety held up surprisingly well. They have a rather pungent smell but it isn’t too noticeable as long as you don’t stick your face right in the bag!

My dog tends to prefer soft treats and this was no exception. He definitely preferred eating the Sweet Potato and Brown Rice, and since they are soft it is easy to break them into smaller pieces, which is great when you have a small dog like me.

Our other tester, a Border Collie, was more than happy to eat both types and had no problem munching on the full size treat. My small dog definitely had a hard time with the crunchy treats, they were just too hard for me to break and too big for him to eat, but for a bigger dog they are a great, durable option.

Kayla, the owner of Journey Dog Training, also reported that her dog Barley is CRAZY for Marsh Dog Treats. They’re her number one go-to hiking treats because his recall is SO much better when she’s carrying them.

Barley even prefers the soft Marsh Dog treats over things like chicken and cheese. All of Barley’s doggie friends also love the Marsh Dog treats, making Kayla very popular out on the trail.

What We Like About the Treats:

I am so excited to have found a treat that is working to solve an important environmental issue and aim to create a more sustainable dog treat future.

Instead of turning to mainstream agriculture for meats like beef, chicken, and pork, which uses massive amounts of resources, Marsh Dog is working to combat Louisiana’s coastal loss and reduce waste and resource consumption.

My dog definitely was into the soft treats and I love that they have another variety we can try. Other bigger dogs that I gave treats to were happy with both, so there are definitely options for all kinds of pets.

My dog tends to be quite picky anyways, both in size and flavor, so finding a treat that I can easily make smaller that he enjoys is great.

I also love that we can help with conservation efforts and I get to feed my dog a protein rich snack with minimal ingredients. It is more important than ever to be thinking about not only what goes into the food we feed ourselves and our pets, but where it comes from.

What We Would Change About Marsh Dog Treats:

Ultimately, I think it would be great to see an even larger offering from Marsh Dog, which I am sure will happen eventually.

The three treat types they have now are great, but getting more options to add extra variety to my dog’s diet is always something I look for.

Overall Impressions of Marsh Dog Treats:

Marsh Dog is a family based company with a mission to help with important environmental issues all while providing our dogs with a healthy and sustainable treat.

I support their mission and appreciate that they have found a way to be as sustainable as possible and reduce the waste from an animal that would otherwise be tossed after being removed. 

The treats are a hit with all the dogs I have tested, not a real shocker, and keep up with those who lead an active lifestyle. Marsh Dog treats are a great choice for those looking to make small steps to be more eco-conscious and supply their dog with a healthy treat.

Shop all their treats here!

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