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Having been born and raised in Minnesota, I am always excited to find treats from this neck of the woods. While on a puppy play date I noticed these Nutrisource Dog Treat on our friend’s shelf and asked about them.

They said their dog loves them, which I can attest to, and that they are a great training treat. I decided I wanted to give them a try with my very picky puppy and see what he thought. 

Nutrisource did NOT ask us for this review and we received nothing in exchange for this post.

Quick Stats:

  • Three soft and tender dog treat flavors: Lamb, Salmon, and Chicken
  • Variety of grain-free treats
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Found in local and independent pet stores
  • Contains L-Carnitine, which helps your dog boost metabolism and maintain a lean figure.

What I Like:

Since my dog tends to have a sensitive stomach with chicken, I decided to try the lamb and salmon treat. The treat is soft but has a lot of substance, which I really like. When we are training I can break them in half and handle them in my hand a lot without them crumbling away. My dog likes the flavors we have tried and it doesn’t take forever for him to eat. Sometimes giving a treat can be a real ordeal, but this is a quick reward, perfect for training.

The excitement is palpable!

What I Don’t Like:

While Nutrisource maintains a commitment to the best quality ingredients and doesn’t sell in large pet stores (something I admire), they do use certain ingredients and preservatives that I don’t always like to give to my dog.

Used sparingly, I don’t have a big problem, but I like to buy all-natural, preservative free when possible. My dog also won’t eat them when they start to lose some of their moisture, which can be frustrating.

Overall Impressions:

If you are looking for a treat that keeps well, is tasty, and isn’t as expensive as some natural treats, then this is a good choice.

I like how easy it is to break and use, as well as the fact that it is shelf stable for a while. But what you give up with that convenience are added preservatives, which I am not big on.

But in a pinch this is a great treat for training or just as a reward.

2 thoughts on “Review: Nutrisource Dog Treats”

  1. Kate

    We are getting Golden puppy- what do you suggest for natural no preservative dog food and treats – that is – what’s the healthiest? Thanks.


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