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If you are looking for a one stop shop for your pet’s treat and food needs, you might want to take a look at the wide variety of products offered by Redbarn Pet Products.

Committed to creating safe, natural, and delicious treats, chews, and pet food for your dog or cat, Redbarn has a large selection that can help you find the right choice for even the pickiest eater.

Redbarn did NOT send us free products or ask us for this review.

About Redbarn:

Founded in 1996, Redbarn Pet Products is a family owned company that has been developing and delivering USA made treats and foods to pet owners for decades. 

The first product Redbarn came out with was their rolled dog food, which you can still buy today in many different single source protein flavors. They also have a great selection of bully sticks and treats that will keep your dog busy!

While there are tons of treats, dental chews, and bones you can get your dog, I want to focus on the rolled dog food that has put this company on the map.

About the food:

The Redbarn Naturals Rolled Dog Food comes in beef, chicken, and lamb, as well as a grain-free beef and chicken option. The food is made without artificial flavors, colors,  or preservatives, the common dog food fillers corn and soy, and without carrageenan.

Though the roll is a semi-moist blend, you don’t have to refrigerate until after you open, so it can be a nice option for those who want to stock up on food but don’t have the fridge space to cram it all in at once. 

The Rolled Dog Food is totally suitable to be used as your dog’s main meal, but you can also add it as a flavor booster to the food your dog currently has or cube it up and use it as treats. It is a versatile item that can be great to have on hand, even if you don’t want to use it as your dog’s main food source.

What I Like About the Food:

I tested the chicken and beef flavor with my dog, since those are the two protein sources he mainly gets in his meals. I didn’t want to upset his stomach so I added the Rolled Food as a topper at first.

He really enjoyed the flavor and it didn’t cause any noticeable gastrointestinal discomfort, which has happened before when introducing other treats or foods.

While I think it would make a great meal, I am pretty satisfied with the food my dog currently eats and definitely prefer using Redbarn and a flavor topper to change things up or especially as a treat.

This roll is great as a stuffer treat! It is easy to shred and put directly into a toy like a Kong or this awesome puzzle toy, but I prefer to shred it, mix it up with peanut butter, put it in the toy, and freeze it. This keeps my dog busy for at least an hour!

The Rolled Dog Food is perfect as a special treat or even as a training treat if you cube it nicely – though it does tend to get ALL OVER your fingers!

What I Don’t Like About the Food:

In 2018 the FDA came out with a statement saying that dog foods containing peas, lentils, legume seeds, and potatoes as main ingredients could potentially cause dilated cardiomyopathy, which affects your dog’s ability to pump blood through the body. 

Redbarn uses pea protein in their rolled dog foods, and this is another reason I use it as a sparing treat or food topper as opposed to a whole meal.

While this doesn’t mean your dog will automatically get sick if he eats these ingredients, I think it is good to use caution, moderation, and consult with a vet if you plan to change your dog’s food to something that contains these ingredients. 

I also noticed that once open and refrigerated, the end of the log has a tendency to dry up quickly. Keep it very well wrapped and try to use it up fast to avoid losing any of the food.

Overall Impressions:

As a picky eater, I am always excited to find a food or treat that my dog wants to eat and will work for. This rolled food is great as a puzzle toy treat, Kong stuffer, or training treat, as well as food topper. While I don’t have plans to use it as my dogs main food, it is still a versatile option I like to have on hand.

I am excited to try their bully sticks and chews in the future, as these have become a well-known staple of the Redbarn Pet Products line and I am sure my dog would like them. They have such a large variety that you are sure to find something that meets you and your pet’s needs!

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