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As an avid treat maker, I am a big fan of all-natural snacks for my dog. Knowing what ingredients go into your dog’s treats and food is huge.

I recently stumbled upon a treat company that takes this even further and regionally sources their ingredients. Now I know not only what my dog is eating but also where it comes from.

What’s even better: They bake in small batches right here in Colorado, where I live!

Smart Cookie did NOT ask us for this review and we received nothing in exchange for this post.

About the Smart Cookie Barkery:

The Smart Cookie Barkery (I mean I would choose them just for the cute name…which essentially I did) is based out of Golden, Colorado and was founded by pet parents wanting to help their dog with lymphoma by creating the most nutritious treats around.

Quick Facts about Smart Cookie Treats:

  •  No wheat, soy, or corn.
  • Grain free options.
  • Dehydrated for maximum nutrient retention.
  • Absolutely no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors!
  • Small batch, regionally sourced, and always fresh.
  • Can design your own treat.

About the Treats:

First off, let me start by telling you that these guys have A TON of options.  They have regional bites made with fresh ingredients, functional treats to help with different things like joint mobility, skin, and coat, and grain-free treats, to name a few.

I decided to try one of their regional bites, the Texas Hill Country Wild Boar and Sweet Potato treat, because it wasn’t anything I had given to my dog before.

Most treats available contain things like chicken, beef, salmon, etc. While these are all awesome choice, I thought it would be fun to change it up, I mean how often do YOU give your dog something like Wild Boar?!

What I Love About This Treat:

Right off the bat I noticed the size of the Wild Boar and Sweet Potato treat. It’s a substantial size, which makes it a nice treat for bigger dogs.

The treat actually makes it into a big dog’s mouth without risking your fingers. That said, you can also break it in half for smaller dogs, but any smaller than that and it might start to crumble a bit. 

The eyes say it all…but my fingers are still intact!

The treat also smells fresh, not like those super fake and chemically smelling treats that you can find in stores.

I love that I can see actual pieces of veggie and meat (yay real food!) in the treat.

It is definitely a soft and chewy treat, which I really like because my dog isn’t big on hard treats.

I also love that when I turn it over I can read every ingredient and there are only a handful!

Ingredient lists that are half a foot long and mainly made up of words I have never heard of, let alone could pronounce, keep me up at night! This is a refreshingly simple and wholesome treat.

What I Don’t Love About This Treat:

I would say the only minor thing to not love about this treat is the price. Treats I make at home (see some of my homemade treat recipes here) usually don’t cost more than a couple dollars for me to produce, and I can usually get a lot of them.

These treats range from $10-15, with the Boar Bites coming in at $12. The Wild Boar package is 5 oz., or about 45 treats. For my little dog that is pretty economical.

But if you have a big dog then you will probably be buying more frequently. They do have package deals, though, that can save you a few dollars.

And the truth is, I am perfectly happy to spend this amount to support a local business that makes such pure treats.

Overall Impressions:

I am always so excited to see small companies, especially CO, that I feel are making a positive impact on my dog’s nutrition.

So many treat companies don’t put our dog’s health first, so I am proud to support those that do.

Yes, they may be more expensive and will definitely be more of a special occasion treat, but I love having these treats on hand and definitely will buy more flavors in the future.

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