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Stella and Chewy’s is a company offering an alternative to traditional style foods and treats. Their philosophy revolves around the idea that animals eat raw in the wild and their domestic diets should be as similar to this as possible. 

Huge thanks to Stella and Chewy’s for sending us some free samples in exchange for our honest opinion. Links in this article will provide us with a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. That’s how we pay our writers!

Check out our Crav’n Bac’n review for more about Stella and Chewy’s as a company in general.

What We Like About Dinner Dust:

The dinner dust was really fun to try out. Holy crap, opening this bad boy up brought back childhood memories of my mom making bacon for breakfast.

I mean it REALLY smells like bacon! I have been a vegetarian for years and don’t enjoy meat, but I won’t deny this smell is very nostalgic.

The dinner dust is a fine, freeze-dried powder made from high quality raw ingredients. It is grain, pea, potato, and gluten free, which I love, and comes in an easy to pour bag. As with their other raw foods, the dinner dust contains 95% meat and organs, which in this case is mainly BACON! 

While I probably wouldn’t serve my dog plates of bacon, it makes a great flavorful topping. To test it out I sprinkled the serving amount on his bowl of dry kibble. Peanut eats two meals of “wet” food a day and his kibble is left on the floor to free feed. Since he is so picky he only eats kibble when he is hungry, which is just a few bites a day. 

I knew this stuff was good when he actually ate some kibble after sprinkling it on. He only ate the kibble that had dust on it, but hey, that alone is impressive! He NEVER eats kibble unless really hungry.

I mean, you can tell from the smell that it is going to be good, but I love seeing in action how delicious it must be. I also put it on his wet food, which he already love, just as a treat!

On top of that, the ingredient list is short. It really only contains pork, beef, and a preservative for shelf stability. I am glad that it keeps well so I can use it as a sparing treat without worrying that it will go bad.

The dinner dust is also a great option to add to toys or treats. I have already added some to a batch of treats I made the other day for Peanut, which were a hit, and it stirs perfectly into peanut butter for stuffing Kongs or puzzle toys. The diversity of the dinner dust is awesome.

What We Wish Was Different:

To be honest, I really like the dinner dust. Maybe it is a bit unnecessary since my dog already gets a completely balanced diet, but isn’t that the point of fun stuff like this? To be treated as something special and extra!? 

It tastes great (according to Peanut), is easy to use, and super versatile. I love things that can be used in multiple ways.

The dinner dust is a bit more pricey at about $20 for a 7 oz. bag, but it goes a long way and will last you a while.

Overall Impressions:

I am excited to see a company that is trying to move more pet owners in the raw direction. I think raw is a great option for many pets, it was for my dog, and having more commercially available options is helpful to those who can’t commit to making raw meals themselves.

On top of that, Stella and Chewy has provided a myriad other choices like gently cooked meals, freeze-dried raw food, and raw-coated kibble. 

Though the Crav’n Bac’n treat wasn’t everything I wanted in a treat for my dog, I think it would be a good choice for other dogs, and there are still plenty of other types of treats I am excited to try next. There is no one size fits all in food for your dog, and Stella and Chewy’s is doing as good a job as any to address this. 

Peanut rocking the cute buff we got from Stella and Chewy’s! It was a little bigger on him than it is on me 😉

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