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Have you ever come home to find a sofa cushion in shreds on the floor or pieces of your favorite shoe scattered across the house?

Well, there is a company working to solve these problems with great dog toys that are durable, mentally stimulating, and fun! 

West Paw did NOT send us free toys or ask us for this review.

About West Paw:

A certified B Corp, West Paw is committed to putting people, your pets, and the planet first. The integrity of their core values shows in the products they make and their actions to help communities through donating money and time.

One of the greatest elements of West Paw is the Join the Loop program they created to recycle dog toys. Their Zogoflex material is made in sustainable facilities and can be recycled over and over so you can rest assured that your dog will never be short of a toy again and you aren’t contributing to unnecessary waste.

Besides awesome rubber chews for your dog, you can also find treats, dog beds, collars, leashes, and they now even make masks to help keep you safe during these tough times.

About the Toys:

Now it’s time to talk about why we are here: chewing. Most dogs do it at some point, and we all prefer if it is directed at a toy instead of your new kitchen table legs.

But lots of stuffed animal toys or conventional rubber toys can contain harsh chemicals, break down quickly, and are costly.

West Paw can solve your worries with their eco-friendly, BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant Zogoflex toys. These incredibly durable, almost infinitely recyclable, solid rubbery toys come in all shapes, sizes, and functions to suit your pet’s needs.

Not to mention they float for the water enthusiast dog, are dishwasher safe, and are guaranteed to last or West Paw will replace it.

Whether your dog likes to run, jump, work out a puzzle, or just chew all day, these tooth friendly toys can do it all. Just check out the wide variety of Zogoflex toys to find ones that best suit your dog. They also have Zogoflex Echo and Zogoflex Air  to suit all different types of chewers.  Not sure what you need? Take a look at their guide to find the right toy for your dog.

What I Like About West Paw Toys:

My dog isn’t that big and was never one to chew on things he shouldn’t out of stress or boredom, but he does love to play with toys and can go through one pretty quick. I stuck with soft plush toys for a long time, but they kept falling apart and so often he would end up getting bits of fluff stuck in his mouth or even eat them! 

West Paw Zogoflex toys are way more durable, don’t have bits of fabric or fluff to be ripped up and eaten, and last so much longer, which means spending less money over time. If your dog does prefers fluffy toys, which I totally get since my dog can go crazy for them, West Paw makes tough fluffy toys that are sure to drive your dog wild.

Our favorite toy so far is the Tux Treat Toy. While I love interactive toys where I can play with my dog, sometimes it is really nice to give your dog a toy that will keep them busy on their own so you can get other things done.

This toy does just that. Its knobs are fun for Peanut to bite and the inside is just the right size to put a hearty treat that he has to work at for at least an hour. 

The Zogoflex toys also lend themselves well to being frozen.  You can stuff and freeze them for hot summer days or to make them last a bit longer without having to worry about the materials breaking down. 

Plus, cleanup is a breeze with this easy to wash material. The toys have interesting shapes but don’t have impossible to reach nooks and crannies like some toys do. I swear there are toys in Peanut’s toy box with peanut butter from when he was a puppy!

What I Don’t Like About West Paw Toys:

To be honest, I think West Paw has really ticked the boxes. They have created an incredible company with a thoughtful philosophy focused on wellbeing for all rather than profit.

Their toys are great and you can pretty much find whatever you need for your dog. I do wish they were located in Colorado instead of Bozeman, MT, but I can’t fault them for that!

Overall Impressions of West Paw Toys:

West Paw is a great company to support. While their products stand on their own in terms of quality, their commitment to creating safe toys that are great for your dog and the environment is another reason to support this awesome company. 

West Paw is focused on the people they employ and the people and pets they serve. Creating sustainable business that can support people, pets, and the planet is at the heart of their mission and I love giving my business to a company making the right choice.

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