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Have you ever found yourself holding a bag of dog poo with no trash can in sight or wishing you had more space for your phone, keys, extra dog treats, and other things when on a walk? The Woof Pack is a versatile dog walking pack that holds everything you need for walking your dog, running errands, or just to replace your purse with a functional and cute bag.

About Woof Pack:

Founded by Lisa Bast to try and combat dog waste that gets left behind, Woof Pack is a company that strives to educate people on best “poo practices” by providing you with an option that is hard to say no to! 

This is a durable dog walking pack that leaves you with no excuses not to pick up after your dog. There is an antimicrobial poo pouch along with places to store dog bags, which means less waste left in parks that can cause damage to wildlife and your shoes! No one likes stepping in dog poop.

About the Pack:

The Woof Pack has:

  • Two roomy front pouches
  • Inner anti-microbial pouch to hold dog poop
  • Easy to use velcro seals
  • Wear it four-ways strap system
  • Rugged canvas design

The packs come in a great range of neutral colors, like forest green/tan, navy/tan, red/tan, and black/tan. That means there are no excuses for guys who don’t want to carry a “murse”! This pack looks good on anyone. You can also get a cute embroidery version with a paw and the words “Dog Mom”, which is adorable.

The canvas material is rugged but looks great. I have not only been using this as my dog walking bag but just as my everyday purse. I bring it to the grocery store, work, or wherever I go. 

The two sizable front pouches have a nice tan canvas flap to keep things secure and are perfect for housing my personal items, plus one smaller pocket on the back of the pack. All of the pockets are sealed with velcro, which is nice but sometimes if I am in and out of the bag a lot it gets annoying, in which case I just fold the front flap inside so I can have easy access.

(flap folded in)

The inner pouch is made with an antimicrobial liner and is where you can store used poop bags. For those of you that hate holding used poop bags or find excuses like, “Oh, I’ll just pick it up on my way back” (which you know you won’t) or “The rain will just wash it away” this bag is the solution to making you a more responsible pet parent. 

Dog waste is terrible for the environment, so picking it up is crucial. Now, all you have to do is pop it in the pouch and you don’t have to worry about holding it or the smell. It wipes out really easily afterwards and I have never had any issue with a bag breaking.

I find double bagging can be helpful for dogs with particularly “odorous” poops. If I double bag it I can’t smell it at all when using the Woof Pack! I can leave the Woof Pack and poop in my office and won’t catch a whiff. If the dog poop is single bagged sometimes I can smell it faintly, but it is never bad. 

First Thoughts:

To be honest, I wasn’t sure the Woof Pack would really change my life that much. I typically use a fanny pack when walking my dog, or just store my poop bags in my backpack when I walk Peanut to work. This bag just seemed like a nice looking “purse.”

But NO! I will happily admit I was totally wrong! I absolutely LOVE this pack now

I didn’t realize how nice it was to have a bag that was bigger than my fanny pack – which could barely hold my keys and a poop bag, let alone a phone or sunscreen or other nice items. Seriously, I would forget my fanny pack half the time because it just didn’t hold everything I needed. And my backpack isn’t something I want to bring on a walk around the neighborhood.

That’s where the Woof Pack comes in. It really is a perfect size for everything I want to do with my dog around town. Plus, since it is my go-to dog walking pack, I leave it stocked with all the essentials like dog bags, sunscreen, and treats, so it is a breeze to grab on my way out the door. 

There is even extra room for my phone, wallet, keys and any other little things I might need to put in there like hand sanitizer.

It is so nice to have a stocked pack for those moments when I don’t expect to bring my dog. I can’t tell you how many times I forget a poop bag because I wasn’t expecting to bring Peanut with me (or misjudged his bathroom schedule). Now I never have to worry about that.

Plus, since I can store the poop I can reuse the poop bag. If I walk my dog into work and he does his business, I can leave it in the pack and then when I walk him home, if he has more doo doo to do, I can pick it up and waste less poop bags.

What I Love:

Really truly, I love this pack. I am on the go all the time and it is perfect for my lifestyle. I take Peanut camping, climbing, on planes, and to work. This pack is rugged enough for the trail but cute enough for town. It holds everything I need and then some.

(at the airport!)

What I would Change:

Though I am definitely a convert from the fanny pack, I do still opt for that when I take Peanut on a run. The Woof Pack is just a touch too big for me for that purpose. But that’s fine! I don’t need more than a poop bag and my house key when I run anyways. For everything else, the Woof Pack is my go-to bag.

I also wish the antimicrobial pouch had a zip seal, or something that really locked in any potential smell, but I just double bag it and it isn’t an issue. 

Overall Impressions:

Whether you want a reason to be a more eco-conscious pet parent, want to give a great gift, or just want to support a small business, the Woof Pack is a great product to buy. I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical, but the great design, tough material, versatility, and size have all won me over. 

I would highly recommend the Woof Pack to anyone, whether you want a new dog walking pack or are looking for a cute and simple purse that can serve multiple functions. 

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