Sir Waggington’s Poop Bags

Looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint as a dog owner? Why not try these compostable and 100% organic bags? They are strong and sustainable. Read more about Sir Waggington’s Poop Bags in our review below.

About Sir Waggington’s:

Sir Waggington’s is a company based out of Canada that is looking to reduce the 100 million plus plastic dog bags that end up in a landfill each year. They wanted to make a bag that takes months to break down, not thousands of years. 

About the Compostable Poop Bags:

  • Key features:
    • Compostable: will break down in three months in the right conditions.
    • Made from cornstarch and PBAT, a biodegradable copolymer.
    • Strong, tear resistant bags. 
      • Can hold a 4 lb. dumbbell!
    • Unscented.
    • Big enough for any type of dog.
    • Meet ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards for composting. Learn more about bioplastics here.

What We Love About Sir Waggington’s Poop Bags:

This bag is simple and easy, just how we like it. No need for fancy smells (which I personally find gross), crazy packaging, or strange shapes. Sir Waggington’s wants to take the waste out of pet waste. 

The bags open easily, have a strong seal, and come in a convenient dog dispenser compatible roll. They are thinner than some of the other compostable dog bags I have used, but it hasn’t compromised the strength of the bag and I have not ever ripped through one.

What We Would Change:

These bags are a bit pricier than some of the other compostable bags I’ve used or seen. They run about $35 for 105 bags. The compostable bags I currently use run $15.99 for 120 bags. 

I typically use one bag for multiple doggy patrols since Peanut is so small, and so get a bit more use out of them. But if you have a big dog or just prefer single use it will be a bit more expensive. 

Overall Impressions:

This compostable bag is simply that. Nothing crazy, just a straightforward product looking to make a difference in the world. We like how durable they are, that they are compatible with a doggy bag dispenser, and are easy to open. If you are on the market for a compostable dog bag give Sir Waggington’s a look. 

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