Supporting Undersocialized Puppies

In this episode of Pandemic Puppy, Kayla discusses undersocialized puppies. 

How do you know your puppy may be undersocialized?

  • This will vary per dog depending on breed and personality, as some breeders are generally more reserved than others
  • Puppy history is important to consider. Hoarding or parvo puppies are usually very undersocialized
  • It’s normal for your puppy to startle around new things or to be a little shy, but it’s not normal for extreme reactions such as urinating or trembling, or if the startle starts to escalate. If this is the case, you should seek a professional behavior consultant. 

What to do if your puppy is showing signs of being undersocialized?

  • Go at your puppy’s pace; work harder, not faster
    • If your puppy is under extreme distress, you are going too fast
    • If you can’t find a comfortable threshold for your puppy, speak to a professional
  • Learn dog body language
  • “We want to find the level in which your puppy notices the thing they are concerned about and we want to be working at that level”
  • If they are under threshold, let them observe the things that are concerning them
  • Support and cheerlead them in ways that help them
  • Adjust your expectations
  • Counter-conditioning throughout their lifetime
  • Is it a trend or a blip? If your puppy is continually spooking at something over and over, it might mean you need to make a more structured plan.
  • Overall, please seek professional help!

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