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Nosework: Exhaust Your Dog & Teach Impulse Control (No Shoes Needed)

dog nosework german shepherd sniffing

Many behavior problems in modern dogs come down to dogs being bored, underexercised, and confined. They spend much of their days indoors. When they’re outside, they’re rarely allowed to sniff, dig, run, and jump to their heart’s delight. Introducing your dog to nosework can make your dog’s life better. The best part? You don’t even … Read more

Why I’m Obsessed with Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol

I love mat training – and specifically Dr. Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol. It’s one of the first things I recommend in many online training cases. “Why?” you may ask. How does teaching a dog to lie on a towel help with anything at all? Isn’t exercising your dog a faster way to get good behavior? I … Read more