Teaching Puppies to Relax (Aka Installing an Off Switch)

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In this episode of Pandemic Puppy, Kayla discusses teaching your puppy to relax.

How can you get your puppy to relax?

  • First things first, you need to meet your puppy’s needs!
  • Make sure they are getting enough rest
  • Pay for what you like! If they lay down at your feet, reward them for it with a chew, which will help build duration.
  • Be cautious of rewarding too heavily because they may start offering other behavior for rewards
  • Set up the environment for success. 
  • Utilize the puppy pen when you can!
  • Don’t have too high of expectations at the start. They are still puppies!
  • Layer in distractions and take your time
    • Take your skills on the road!
  • Adjust your expectations as they age and expect the unexpected
  • Again, meet your puppy’s needs! These needs will change as they age
  • Utilize Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol

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