Erin Jones

6 Strategies to Stop Puppy Nipping – Fast

puppy bites kids

Nipping is one of the most common concerns that puppy parents have. It can be frustrating and painful. Puppy teeth are very sharp! Unfortunately, nipping almost always gets worse before it gets better. Puppy nipping is a normal behavior. All puppies explore their world with their mouths. This is especially true for herding (Heelers and … Read more

What Causes Separation Anxiety? Can I Prevent it Before it Starts?

dog separation anxiety causes and prevention

I have treated cases of separation anxiety in all types of dogs―young, old, those who have only had one family, those who have had many. Separation anxiety can manifest in many ways. Some of the more prominent and problematic symptoms of distress caused by separation anxiety are: Destruction of items in your home Self-harm Urination … Read more