Erin Jones

Help! My Dog Chases Wheels – Cars, Bikes, Skateboards, and More!

Chasing cars and bikes — basically anything that moves quickly — is instinctual for dogs. They are predators, after all. Chasing and “attacking” moving objects can be problematic and dangerous. And the longer that your pup has been chasing cars, the more rehearsed it becomes. Practice makes perfect! It becomes a habit, a perfected and … Read more

My Dog Gets Angry When I Take Stuff Away

resource guarding

It is inherent for dogs to want to protect what belongs to them. Particularly if it is something that she highly values.  For example my pup Juno is fine with me having a seat next to her when she is enjoying a Bullystick. But, on occasion, she finds a real treasure and her body freeze … Read more

My Dog Pees When Left Alone. Is He Mad?

Puppies come into our homes and immediately have to learn how to live by our human rules — which likely go against much of a new puppy’s natural instincts. This includes learning when and where he is permitted to go potty. However, once these rules are learned, fully and completely, we can rule out incomplete … Read more

Help! My Dog Barks at Every Little Sound!

Barking is a totally natural and normal way for dogs to communicate. We have selectively bred certain breeds of dogs for their barking abilities!  The problem is that it can be irritating to us humans. Especially when it is excessive and relentless. How can we let our puppers know: “Thanks, but that’s enough now” without … Read more