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Are Kongs Messy?

October 20, 2021Trainer's Tips

Kongs are a delicious way to entertain your pup. Aside from providing a tasty snack, Kongs can provide a soothing distraction to your dog while they’re left alone or while ......

Doggy Christmas Cake

January 6, 2021Recipes

This guest post was submitted by Mark Webster. He is the co-founder and chief editor at His aim? Simple. Cut through the jargon and help you make the right decisions ......

How to Survive Your Puppy

February 27, 2020Puppies

Today I’m talking to Megan Lundberg about puppies! Megan is a professional dog trainer in Colorado Springs, Colorado and she and her husband have two Siberian huskies and a Silken ......

Homemade Dog Training Treats

December 7, 2019Recipes

Training treats are a great tool to always have on hand. Their convenient size, durability, and ability to capture a dog’s attention make them great for continued learning throughout a ......

Canna-Pet Review

August 5, 2019Product Reviews

I was devastated when Maya, my childhood Labrador retriever, was diagnosed with cancer. At nearly 15, she wasn’t a candidate for surgery or any other aggressive treatments. Her remaining months ......

Carrot Cake Treats

May 27, 2019Recipes

Sometimes it’s fun to make a more decadent treat that is extra special for your pup. These carrot cake mini muffins are a delicious and nutritious way to spoil your ......