Ep. 04: Introducing Cats and Dogs – Bella, Cooper, and Checkers Case Study

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In this episode, we cover a case study where a newly-adopted female Yorkshire Terrier chased and barked at the cat, Checkers in the home. Her behavior was starting to cause Cooper, the other Yorkie in the home, to also bark at the poor cat!

Bella, the Yorkie, was also terrified of all strangers in the home. Kayla and Ursa dissect the case and share the final outcome.

Main Takeaways:

  1. Bella was a newly rescued Yorkie with some serious fear issues. She was put on behavioral medication at the advice of her vet.
  2. Bella came to Kayla after a local group class trainer recognized how much help she needed.
  3. Kayla worked with Bella initially in person, then transitioned to remote help.
  4. Bella and Checkers were slowly introduced using protective contact, the Look at That Game, and lots of counterconditioning.
  5. The owners also started doing more clicker training with Checkers, the cat, to keep him happy.
  6. Checkers the cat and Cooper (the other Yorkie in the home) spent time together during training to help keep their bond healthy.

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