Ep. 30: Potty Training Your Puppy

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In today’s episode Kayla Fratt of Journey Dog Training and Marissa Martino of Paws & Reward talk about house training your puppy! Everyone’s favorite pastime! The first half of the show walks you through a specific case study and during the second half of the show they share their ideal puppy house training set up. 

Perfect PUPPY house training set up:



  • Take the puppy outside every hour, more frequently if the puppy has been playing, sleeping, eating, or drinking.
  • The puppy is only allowed out of the crate/pen area with active supervision (read about active versus passive versus reactive supervision here).
  • Make sure all potty breaks are on leash and boring until the puppy is empty. 
  • If the puppy doesn’t go to the bathroom, place the puppy back into the crate/pen area for 10 minutes and then try again outside. 
  • If the puppy is crying, take the puppy out and see if they need to go potty. Make sure it is a short and quick break. 
  • If accidents happen, clean them up and try again. Keep note of when and where accidents happen to see if there are any behavioral patterns. 
  • Pick up water before bedtime if puppy is having a lot of accidents at night. This applies to puppies that are 12 weeks or older. Expect midnight breaks for super young pups. 
  • Add one hour per month of age to support building bladder control ONLY after the puppy understands the concept of holding it.

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