Ep. 37: Separation Anxiety with Erin Jones

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In today’s episode, Kayla sits down with Erin Jones to talk about separation anxiety. Erin wrote an e-book and created a course for Journey Dog Training all about separation anxiety. She’s got a lot of firsthand knowledge, both with clients and personal dogs, on the topic.

They cover questions like:

  1. Erin’s separation anxiety experience
  2. What separation anxiety actually is – what does it look like? What are some of the different types of isolation distress?
  3. What Erin likes about separation anxiety cases and what’s hard about them.
  4. When someone approaches you asking for help with separation anxiety, how do you start helping them? What are your starting points?
  5. What does a “normal” separation anxiety case progression look like?
  6. What do you think is most important for owners to understand about separation anxiety?
    1. Is separation my fault?
  7. Can we prevent separation anxiety?
  8. What does the science say about separation anxiety? What do we KNOW?
  9. Should owners get a second dog to try to help?

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