Leash Skills for Puppies

In this episode of Pandemic Puppy, Kayla discusses leash skills for you and your puppy

  • It’s not entirely necessary for your dog to walk perfectly on leash
  • Pulling will always be self-reinforcing, so it can take a lot of patience and persistence to teach loose leash walking
  • Your equipment won’t teach your dog what to do, you will teach your dog what to do
  • You can teach your dogs to pull on certain equipment and not to pull on other equipment if it is of benefit to you
  • To start, you can reward your dog for position and check-ins
  • It can get worse before it gets better
  • You can start in the house then start building distractions and distance
  • Record keeping your sessions will help you!
  • If your puppy starts pulling you can stop moving or go in a different direction
  • Start slow and take your time, don’t expect too much too soon

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