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One of my biggest concerns when I brought my new puppy home was that I wouldn’t have an equal number of portraits of him on the wall. Honestly, my walls are already quite saturated with Barley (my 7-year-old border collie).

I was thrilled when Max & Milow reached out to me asking if I wanted a portrait done of Niffler.

Like West and Willow (read our review of them here), Max and Milow specializes in modern, classy, somewhat minimalist pet portraits.

The team at Max & Milow was very easy to work with. In the original photo I sent over, you could see Niffler’s ear tape (I have some moleskin inside his ears to help them stand up straight as he grows, it’s a show dog thing). I sent them a different photo for reference for his ears, and they happily merged the two to get a PERFECT portrait of Niffler! They really captured the shine in his eye and his somewhat desperate look (I was holding a treat and he’s a real chow hound).

Max & Milow offers a few different types of portrait, but they’re all a very similar style. If you don’t like what you see on their homepage, you probably won’t like any of their options. I personally love the style of portrait, which reminds me of broad brushstrokes in a painting – but digitized.

You can order canvas or framed poster, then select from a few sizes and background colors. The pet’s name comes in two fonts, and that’s really about it!

Max & Milow lets you pay a bit extra for multi-pet portraits. You can also get a phone case, pillowcase, or even a mug with your pet’s mug on it! I can’t speak to the quality of those, but I’m overall quite happy with the canvas portrait.

I wish I’d gotten the framed poster to match Barley’s West and Willow portrait, but that’s my own fault for not checking to make sure it matched. The quality is good, the team was superb to work with, and I’m overall quite happy.

I love that Max & Milow is consistent and clear with their style. If you skim their site, you know what you’re going to get. Their quality appears consistent, and if you like the modern style of their portraits you’ll love the custom portrait of your pet!

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