Best Gifts for the Canine Adventurer: New for 2020!

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Shopping for your canine companion is often easier and more fun than shopping for human family members (or is it just me?). Active dogs are even more fun in my opinion – there’s just so much fun gear for them!

My dog Barley and I spend the majority of our free time running up and down mountains in Montana, skiing slopes in the Sawtooth, or chasing waves in the Pacific. We’ve tested all the gear featured here and are excited to share it with you.

Many of these companies sent us free samples to test out the products, but our reviews and recommendations are still 100% true.

As always, we prioritize companies and products that are environmentally friendly.

Whether it’s for your own pampered adventure buddy or for your family member’s pup, this holiday gift guide for adventurous dogs has you covered!

Price key (approximate):

  • $ = around or under $20
  • $$ = $21-50
  • $$$ = $50-100
  • $$$$ = $100-200
  • $$$$$ = $200 +

1. Terrain D.O.G Jogging Leash

Once you go hands free you may never go back! This jogging leash is great for running of course, but also walking, hiking or just your regular scrolls around the neighborhood.

If your arms get tired from holding on to a dog that pulls or you need hands free to carry other things, this leash will be perfect for you. Moving the leash to your center of gravity means you won’t get tossed around anymore.

The quick release tab makes it easy to get on and off and you can convert the leash to hand held whenever you want.

The only downside of this leash is that it’s not a bungee leash (like what’s offered by Ruffwear).

Price: $$

2. Paw Purity Healing Paw Conditioner

Anyone that spends time outside with their dog knows how important it is for a dog’s paw skin to be in top shape. Cracked, dry, and damaged skin can lead to serious discomfort and even infection.

PawPurity Healing Paw Conditioner is designed to protect even the active dog’s paws. 

  • Key features:
    • Contains 37 natural ingredients
      • 11 Restorative and soothing
      • 9  Antibacterial and antiseptic
      • 7  Anti-inflammatory
      • 7  Anti-fungal
      • 3  Insect repellents
  • Creates a thick, antibacterial barrier to protect against extreme temperatures, rough terrain, licking, and lack of moisture
    • Includes tallow, which is an excellent skin protectant for extra dry, cracked, or damaged paws
  • Price: $$$

Find it on PawPurity.

*If you are looking for something on a budget, you can always make your own salve. Try out this recipe for a quick and cheap paw salve at home. 

3. Garmin Astro

If your loved one is a true adventurer, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift for them than the Garmin Astro (read our full review here). While it’s expensive, this gadget gives peace of mind (as well as lots of cool data!) for the avid outdoors person and their dog.

Simply put, the GPS collar on your dog and you’ll be able to track her location, speed, and distance from you from an easy-to-use handheld. Unlike other dog trackers, this collar will work even in the most remote areas (read: no cell service or bluetooth needed) over miles and miles of rough terrain. 

  • Key features: 
    • 5 mile range
    • ~20 hour battery life (40 hours on rescue mode)
    • The handheld pairs with up to 20 dogs (with an extra collar for each dog)
    • Dog’s location updates every 2.5 seconds
    • Option to download satellite maps or driving directions to the handheld
    • See your dog’s speed, distance traveled, distance from you, and status (moving or on point) on a single screen
    • Rugged and waterproof design
    • Highly visible orange for both the collar and handheld
  • Price: $$$$$

Find it on Amazon.

4. EverPlush Dog Towel

Muddy dog owners everywhere will love these cute and ultra-absorbent towels. They make a great chair liner for cars, as well as an ideal set to dedicate for your dog’s use around bathtime. No longer will you need to root around for ratty rag towels to wash your dog.

  • Key features:
    • Cute little dog print makes them easy to identify 
    • Microfiber/cotton blend
    • Soft
    • Absorbent
    • Quick to dry
  • Price: $

Rain or shine, these towels will keep you ready for any mess your dog may throw at you. If you would like to read more about these towels check out this review

Find them on EverPlush.

5.  Dog Water Bottle

I can’t think of how many times I have had to delicately pour water into the lid of my own water bottle when out on the trail because I didn’t have anything for my dog. Not only is this a pain, it can also be a bit gross because your dog is licking all over your bottle! 

  • Key features:
    • Water holder and dispenser combined into one
    • 20 oz capacity
    • Water that isn’t used can go back into the bottle. 
  • Price: $

Find it on Chewy.

6. Hurtta Dog Booties

If you live in a cold place I am sure you have seen what we like to call the “doggy dance;” paws dancing around because it is so chilly. My dog has fallen over before from trying to lift too many paws at once!

Not only can the extreme cold, or heat, be uncomfortable for your dog, it can be dangerous. If you live somewhere that salts its roads or sidewalks, booties also protect your dog’s paws from salt damage. Booties are a great way to protect your dog’s paws from damage. 

  • Key features:
    • Non-slip rubber sole.
    • Weatherproof Houndtex.
    • Flexible velcro fasteners.
    • 3M reflectors.
  • Price: $$

Find them on Amazon.

 7. Rex Spex Goggles

If your loved one takes their pup on a lot of serious adventures, Rex Spex “Doggles” are a great addition to their gear bag. While they may look a bit silly, these doggles protect your beloved pup’s eyes from UV (even the clear ones), sticks, and other injury.

My dog Barley wears his Rex Spex when we’re traveling on snow, through thick brush, or in high-altitude terrain.

  • Key features:
    • Removable and interchangeable lens
    • Protects your dog’s eyes from UV, sticks, and other injuries
    • Comfortable straps go behind the dog’s ears and below their chin
    • Allow for full jaw motion and field of view
  • Price: $$$

Buy them at

8. Hurtta Drizzle Rain Jacket

I am a huge fan of all of Hurtta’s gear. The Drizzle Rain Jacket is perfect for dogs that live in cool, rainy climates. It adds a bit of warmth but isn’t too hot. It’s perfect to keep your dog a bit warmer on a cool hike (like Barley in the photo above) or to just reduce your need to towel off your dog after a rainy morning walk!

  • Key Features:
    • Hound-tex material that’s waterproof, dirt-repelling, and breathable
    • High collar
    • Leg loops to keep the rump in place
    • Waist cinch to keep the jacket in place
  • Price: $$$

8. Hurtta Expedition Parka

If your beloved canine needs something a lot warmer, the Hurtta Expedition Parka is perfect. We use it before and after skijoring competitions (a race where I cross-country ski and Barley pulls me), when we’re camping in cold weather and Barley isn’t moving enough to stay warm, or when it’s extremely cold.

  • Key Features:
    • Comes in a variety of colors
    • Leash gap to work with a harness or collar under the coat
    • Reflective seams
    • Built for full range of motion
    • High neckline and cinched waist for perfect fit
    • Leg loops to stay in place
  • Price: $$$

9. Palomine Long Line

Long lines are perfect for dogs who aren’t quite ready for off-leash privileges or where off-leash isn’t legal or practical. I prefer thin long lines without hand loops, so that you can easily let the line drag as part of your build-up to full off-leash privileges.

Palomine Long Lines are hands-down my favorite option; they started designing biothane lines for tracking after getting a few too many thorns stuck in their traditional webbing leashes.

  • Key Features
    • Biothane is dirt- and water-resistant. It also won’t collect thorns or stickers.
    • Available at almost any length. I have 12 feet, 15 feet, and 30 feet.
    • Available with or without a hand loop
    • Multiple colors
    • High-quality brass hardware
    • Variety of thicknesses; I prefer the 3/8 inch thin option
  • Price: varies, $ – $$

10. Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country

This is an incredible story about one woman’s journey to find peace in this crazy world through her relationship with her animals. Patricia McConnell’s review will do far more justice than I possibly can!

If you love reading truly heartfelt and moving stories with vivid imagery, this is a must-read.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is also Dr. McConnell’s favorite: “And if I say, even so, that it has been only the rare human who has given me an animal’s worth of love back, it’s not because I underestimate the power of human love. It’s because I have been lucky enough to live in the unconditional, unwavering, uncommon, gale force of love directed at me from my animals.”

Find it on Amazon. Price: $

11. Cherry Bomb Dog Durable Fetch Toy

It’s a pretty simple toy: durable rubber on a rope. But this Cherry Bomb is a real winner! You can stuff treats inside it, tug, play fetch, and even wash the toy in your dishwasher. Active pups need a way to burn energy when you can’t be on the trail, and this is a real winner.

  • Key Features:
    • Sustainably harvested materials
    • Dispenses treats
    • Tough enough for chewing and tugging (but don’t let your dog scissor the rope off)
    • FDA compliant and non-toxic
  • Price: $

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