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Gaining Your Dog's Trust

Have a dog that seems scared of you, despite you providing plenty of food, love, and affection? Some dogs need time and patience to come out of their shell -- we'll show you how to earn a nervous dog's trust!

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Fear of Outside

Have a pup who is terrified to go outside? Maybe she cowers in front of the doorway and won't even take a step onto the sidewalk. We'll discuss how to help!

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Fear of Cars

Do you have a dog who can't stand the car? Does she whine or cry the minute the car moves? Let's learn how to make car rides fun!

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Fear of Vacuums

Does your pup consider the vacuum his arch-nemesis? We'll show you how to prevent vacuum attacks!

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Fear of Storms

Have a dog who trembles in the corner whenever there's a thunderstorm? Here's how you can help him feel safer.

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Stranger Danger

Is your pup nervous around strangers? Does she bark or hide from visitors when they come over? Learn how to help your pup overcome stranger danger!

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Hand-Shy Dogs

Have a dog who is extremely sensitive to touch? Maybe he backs away as soon as you go in for the pets? We'll show you how to teach a hand-shy dog to enjoy petting!

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