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Reward-Based Training Versus Punishment: Which is Better?

In this article, we’re exploring a scientific paper that was published in 2004. We’ll try to break down the article into plain English to help you understand what the researchers had to say. Dog training methods: their use, effectiveness, and interaction with behavior and welfare EF Hiby, NJ Rooney, and JWS Bradshaw Animal Welfare 2004, … Read more

The Best Dog Training Tips that Dog Trainers Have Ever Heard

When I was just starting out as a dog trainer, I felt like I was constantly jotting down dog training tips. The trainers at Canis Major Dog Training in Denver and All Breed Rescue and Training in Colorado Springs just had so much wisdom to share. Now that I’m a professional animal trainer and dog … Read more

How Knowing Your NOLS Leadership Style Makes You a Better Dog Trainer

When it comes to dog training and leadership style, are you a hot tamale or a cool cucumber? Thinking about what your leadership style is can help you grow as a dog trainer. No, I don’t mean whether or not you’re “alpha.” I’m actually referring to the leadership styles delineated by the National Outdoors Leadership … Read more

How Your Morning Routine Ruins Your Dog’s Day

Your morning routine ruins your dog’s day, every single day – but it doesn’t have to. I had a eureka moment last week while I drove home from training a young puppy. As usual, I had a podcast on – one of my favorites, Animal Training Academy. This episode from Kirstin Anderson covered a wide range … Read more

Why Do I Stick (mostly) to 1 Operant Conditioning Quadrant?

I love operant conditioning and the science of behavior change. I love the jargon, the details, the studies. What researchers find in their studies really impacts what I think about in behavior change. That’s why I rely primarily on one quadrant of operant conditioning: positive reinforcement. We’ll get into that more in a second. There’s … Read more