How to Keep You and Your Dog Sane During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Covid-19 global pandemic can take its toll on your physical and mental wellbeing, but did you think that it might be having an effect on your pet, too?

Here are some tips to get you and your dog in the best place possible with some great exercise ideas and mental tricks to keep you sane and healthy during this crazy time!

1. Find time to play together.

While most dogs are probably relishing in having their humans home during the day, busy stay-at-home work schedules, dealing with kids, and seriously high stress levels can keep you from engaging with your dog like you normally would.

Pick a time of day, or multiple, where you can set aside at least 5 minutes to play with your dog. This routine will help ease you and your dog’s stress levels.

You can play with toys inside, like this stuffed toy, get outside in the backyard and play tug-o-war with this tough toy, or, if you have kids, recruit them to play games of tag with your dog, which will tucker them all out! 

Setting up a routine is the best way to keep some normalcy for everyone in the house during this crazy time and will go a long way to ease stress and relieve your dog of some of his physical energy.

2. Get Outside

While it is important to limit your time in public, getting outside with your dog in a safe manner is a great way to ease cabin fever, get some fresh air, and exercise.

Take a walk around your neighborhood, but try to go at times that are less trafficked, like potentially early in the morning.

Bring plenty of treats to keep your dog’s attention if you need to move out of the way of a person. This will make sure they are quick to follow and don’t get too close to anyone else.

If you have access to trails or parks, do your research and find places with wide trails and attract less visitors. 

If you want to take your dog on a run it is important to stay as far from people as possible as your heavy breathing can spread vapor even further. 

Make sure to only go to places where you can maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet and always have a mask to help protect yourself and others. You can enjoy getting outside with your dog, just be responsible and safe!

3. Treat Time!

Many have turned to the oven during this pandemic as a way to pass the time and ease stress. Turn this into a double duty activity by making dog treats! Not only will you be calmed down by the relaxing activity of baking, but your dog will love eating all your delicious hard work! 

Here are some fun recipes to help you pass the time:

4. Remember the Small Things

Your dog is your best friend and they will love you unconditionally no matter what. Even though this pandemic is probably leaving you in a state of doubt, panic, or fear, just petting your dog is the best way to bond with your favorite furry friend.

Alleviate some of your stress (and his!), and remind you that despite all of this you are so lucky to have an amazing pal by your side! Keep your heads up and tails wagging, we will all get through this!

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