Kate Nelson

Five Ways to Pamper Your Cat

As any cat owner knows, cats love spending time lounging around and being by themselves. But they are also social creatures that love to play and spend time with you. Here are a few ideas to help add stimulation and an extra dose of love to your cat’s life. 1. Brush your cat’s fur. While … Read more

Review: Flush Doggy Flushable Waste Bag

In the second installment of posts on alternative dog bags, we will talk about a flushable dog option. About Flush Doggy: Flush Doggy is a company that began creating a flushable dog waste bag in an effort to divert plastic and toxic dog waste from our land fills. Even biodegradable and compostable bags have a hard, … Read more

Thanksgiving Leftover Treats

I always look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers, but by the third day of eating mashed potatoes for every meal things can get a little boring. Here is a quick and easy recipe to help you use up your Thanksgiving leftovers, or leftovers at any time of the year, and indulge your dog in an extra … Read more

Homemade Dog Training Treats

Training treats are a great tool to always have on hand. Their convenient size, durability, and ability to capture a dog’s attention make them great for continued learning throughout a dog’s life. Here is a fun recipe to change it up for your dog while giving them a boost of fiber and protein. Ingredients: ½ … Read more

Dealing With Doggie Diarrhea

Most people know that diarrhea is not the most fun subject to talk about, or experience. But it is important to be aware when your dog is having diarrhea. This can mean a multitude of different things, and so a trip to the vet is always a good idea when your dog suddenly starts experiencing … Read more