Dog-Dog Relationships

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Why Does My Dog Bark & Lunge at Other Dogs?

Having a dog that barks and lunges at other dogs can be exhausting. Why do some dogs just go ballistic when they see another four-footer? We'll explain it all!

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Old Dog is Scared of New Dog

Have you brought home a new dog, only to find that your existing dog is terrified. of the new household member? We'll show you how to help ease dog-on-dog anxieties.

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Rough Puppy Play

Are you concerned that your puppies play a bit too rough? Worried someone might get hurt? We'll help you figure out what's normal and when to interfere.

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Dog Sibling Rivalry

Are your canine siblings struggling with rivalry or jealously around the house? We'll discuss how to keep everyone calm and happy!

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Teaching Dogs to Play Nice

Does your dog struggle to play politely with other dogs? There are some steps you can take to help your pup be more dog-social. We'll show you how!

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