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Secrets to Surviving Puppyhood

Puppyhood can be, for many, the most challenging stage of raising a dog. If you're feeling overwhelmed by your puppy's cries, nips, accidents, and constant need for attention, this guide is a great place to start.

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Crate Crying

Does your puppy cry in the crate non-stop? We'll explain how to help your pup relax and feel safe in the crate.

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Potty Training

Learn how to potty train your pup ASAP with this trainer-designed guide!

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Surviving Teenager Dogs

Did you know that the majority of dogs surrendered to animal shelters are teenagers? The terrible teens can drive any new do owners crazy -- learn how to survive it here!

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Stranger Danger

Is your pup nervous and skittish around strangers? Or maybe he barks non-stop at any guest who comes over. Learn how to address stranger danger and keep your pup feeling confident and safe!

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What's the real deal with puppy socialization? It's much more than just taking your puppy to puppy play dates -- we'll dish out the need-to-know essentials here!

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Puppy Nipping

Is your pup constantly nipping at you with this little shark teeth? Or maybe he's tearing into your pant legs and sleeves? We'll give you some clever tricks to stop that puppy nipping!

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